SEE IT: Brooklyn teacher shows off breakdancing moves in cafeteria

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WINDSOR TERRACE, Brooklyn (PIX11) — A Brooklyn teacher earned some major cool points with his students when he decided to show off his dance moves.

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Satira is currently working part time at the work, and part time as a DJ.

Michael Satira, 41, decided to showcase his breakdancing skills in the cafeteria of Bishop Central Catholic High School in Windsor Terrace last Wednesday. A student recorded Satira, who is director of student activities at the school, and the clip quickly went

viral on the internet.

The 15-second clip of Satira’s perfect windmill already has over 185,000 views on YouTube. “We think of our teachers as boring and dull,” one comment under the video reads. “Some teachers will surprise you.”

“Evidently its pretty unique for a guy like me in a shirt and tie to be busting windmills in the cafeteria with students going nuts,”the Brooklyn native told the Daily News.

Satira, who also works as a DJ, told The News he has been breakdancing all his life and it helps him relate to his students. “The more involvement I have with the students outside of the classroom, the more I get to know them, the better education I can provide them with,” he said.


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