SEE IT: Biker mob blocks drivers, terrorizes Washington Heights pedestrians

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WASHINGTON HEIGHTS (PIX11) – New video shows a mob of bikers taking over Broadway outside a funeral home on Sunday, just blocks from where Alexian Lien was savagely beaten in front of his family.

The motorcyclists did donuts and wheelies in front of the R.G. Ortiz Funeral Home near West 190th St., blocking all other drivers for at least 20-25 minutes, according to a witness, and forcing pedestrians out of their way as they drove on the sidewalk.

The mob was assembled at the funeral home to honor one of their own who had died recently, according to reports.

The frustrated local who uploaded the raw footage, identified as 37-year-old Jon-Marc McDonald, said in the comments of his video, “Motorcycle gangs roam freely in upper Manhattan, particularly in Washington Heights, where the local police are unwilling or unable to intervene. The gangs close avenues and highways for long periods of time, setting off fireworks, damaging property (see 1:15), driving on the sidewalks, and attacking anyone who dares defy them.”

Bikers honor member by terrorizing pedestrians, shutting down traffic

The bikers shut down the street in the Washington Heights neighborhood.

At one point a biker can be seen losing control of his motorcycle, which slams into a parked white vehicle and wedges underneath it.

This latest video was shot just 12 blocks north of the vicious mob attack in September of last year, when bikers attempting to shut down the West Side Highway beat SUV driver Alexian Lien following a road rage incident.

State Senator Adriano Espaillat, whose district includes Washington Heights, has proposed new legislation that would crack down on reckless bikers.

“While the brutal assault caught on video captured the world’s attention, aggressive and reckless motorcyclist behavior in upper Manhattan has been a persistent quality-of-life hazard in our community for years,” Espaillat said in a statement last month.

The four new bills would strengthen the penalties against group attacks by bikers, make it illegal to do wheelies and stunts in traffic, force groups of 50 or more to get a city permit and give the city power to install cameras on roads.  Currently the state has the authority over traffic cameras.