A serial cat killer is poisoning Astoria’s strays, say angry residents

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Astoria has had an abundance of stray cats for years, but now the numbers are suddenly dwindling.

Residents are up in arms after reporting evidence of foul play around the neighborhood.  Sightings of tuna laced with anti-freeze, hidden cat traps and feline corpses were reported.

Those who feed and care for strays are especially enraged, posting signs around town and to social media, including Facebook and twitter.

Mary Witty calls for action on the website, “Astoria7,” she created for the missing cats.

Witty claims she and supporters have tried to seek help from 311, 911, and the ASPCA, without success.

Experts say it’s difficult to even definitively say a crime is being committed.

Witty says the next steop is for Astoria7 supporters to present case to the community board.

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