New Yorkers react to closure of Loehmann’s, Barnes and Noble on Fifth, and Gray’s Papaya in the Village

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — In the past week, New Yorkers have seen their beloved West Village Gray’s Papaya closed, perhaps for good, a longtime Barnes and Noble shut down and the looming disappearance of the discount clothing chain Loehmann’s.

We asked some New Yorkers to share their thoughts on the news, and suggest what Mayor Bill de Blasio should do to help local businesses.

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Chris Horgan


“Gosh, Gray’s Papaya was a staple for me. I lived in Brooklyn for seven years, and hearing that is really quite sad. My wife will be devastated to hear about Barnes and Nobles — she’s a book reader. Even though she’s got a kindle now, there are just some things she  needs to have in paperback. I think de Blasio will be good for this city– but he’s got to prove himself. De Blasio owes it to this city to show support for independent New York staples like Gray’s.”

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Jose Drum


“I don’t care much about these places. I honestly don’t care who goes out of business and who stays. That’s business. Of course it’s not necessary to have a Starbucks on every corner, but it’s not necessary to buy coffee anyway. You could bring it from home!”

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Armon Margono


“I’ll be frank — it’s annoying. I hate seeing big corporations take over these independent places I frequent.”

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Anthony Serge


“The West Village Gray’s Papaya is the one I used to go to — great classic drunk food. What a shame. Loehmann’s? Eh. There are other places to get cheap clothes. What really worries me is Barnes and Noble. That’s one of the last real book places. I mean, where are people going to get books? Real books? …I feel like technology is taking away jobs. Nowadays, mom-and-pop shops never had a chance … If de Blasio wants to protect jobs, he needs to protect these businesses.”


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