Snow plows out in force in Brooklyn as residents stock up on supplies

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GOWANUS, Brooklyn (PIX11) – There were plenty of sanitation trucks with plows that have coming and going from the depot in Gowanus, Brooklyn, but the problem early in the night was that in most spots there wasn’t enough snow sticking to the streets.  Crews need at least 2 inches of snow before they can put down there plows.

But as New Mayor Bill de Blasio warned at a press conference earlier this evening, anything can change at a moments notice.  Which is why he’s encouraging people to stay inside.

“Stay indoors to the maximum extent possible. Stay out of your cars to the maximum extent possible. If you don’t need to go out, please don’t go out.  We want to make sure people are safe.  We want them to be in a warm location. And crucially we want to keep our streets clear so the good men and women of the Sanitation Department can ensure that our streets our plowed and salted so everything will be stable tomorrow.”

Mayor de Blasio did not mince his words at a press conference Thursday evening.

Even if the snow doesn’t seem like a problem, the icy temperatures will be.

In fact Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty says it could get so cold salt may not be enough to stop the roads from icing over.

“When we get down to 10 and 12 degrees tonight, you’re not going to get the effect,” Doherty said.

That’s why the department has 1,700 plows and 2,300 employees working 12-hour shifts at the ready.

But all the warnings didn’t stop some people from braving the snow, cold, and winds to head to the grocery store.

Many stocking up tonight so they could stay in tomorrow.

“I’m actually heading over to my girlfriends house because she doesn’t want to leave the house.  So, I’m going to go pick up some food for her because she’s out of food at her apartment.  And then I’m going to go stay over there just in case she needs me,” said last-minute shopper Bobby Moeller.

But regardless of the conditions, Stan Hegler says there’s no way he’s getting out of work in the morning.

“When I see snow, I see money.”

So he wanted to do some shopping for his family Thursday night before shoveling snow for the Department of Buildings in the morning.

“I got to be in to remove snow at 5 o’clock in the morning so I got to get my last minute stuff and get in the house and get some rest before I have to work tomorrow,” Hegler said.

Most subway riders say the Thursday night commute home was pretty smooth, despite express trains stopping after the evening rush.