Kings Plaza Mall heightens security following massive teen brawl

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MILL BASIN, Brooklyn (PIX11) — The Kings Plaza Mall has adopted new security measures following a massive brawl Thursday involving hundreds of teenagers.

Joshua Lishnevetsky, 14, said he was stopped by security Saturday afternoon.

“I guess they are stopping anybody who is under 18,” said Lishnevetsky.

Since Friday, mall security has reportedly only allowed minors inside who are accompanied by an adult.

But when PIX11 called the security office, we were told that teens could not be in groups larger than five.

Cell phone video captured teenagers fighting with each other, security and police officers Thursday evening.

Witnesses said hundreds of teens showed up and caused chaos.

The mall temporarily shut down while police restored order but the NYPD says no arrests were made.

Teenagers at Kings Plaza Mall Saturday said social media was still abuzz about what happened and the new restrictions at the mall.

A hot dog vendor outside said teens told him a Facebook post is what brought them to the mall in the first place Thursday.