Fabipops: Customized Cake Pops

Posted at 6:44 AM, Dec 24, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-24 10:56:05-05

“Fabipops” creates custom cakepops. Each portion-controlled sized cake pop can be designed for a customer’s liking, right down to the very teaspoon. Fabipops comes in the form of cake pops, ring pops and push pops, all of which can be altered to fit the needs for any holiday or occasion and are available in a dozen flavors and customizable décor.

Fabiola Scarbrough, CEO and designer of Fabipops, is a native of Haiti, and moved to New York when she was two-years old, where she later on went to attend a community college and Post University, majoring in finance and accounting. She has held a variety finance positions in an array of large corporations like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of New York, along with a sales position with New York Life Insurance.

Today, Fabiola is the owner and dessert chef behind Fabipops, and although her past careers may not have had an immediate impact on baking, the skills that she developed were utilized to create the business she has today.

Fabipops cakepops can also be found in the Barclay’s Center and has a collaboration with Hot 97.


For information, email:

Phone: ( 347) 480-POPS