Rocket hits Afghan base where PIX11 is visiting

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Inside the largest US military base in Afghanistan

A rocket hits Bagram Airforce base where PIX11 is visiting.

BAGRAM, Afghanistan (PIX11) – A reminder that this can be a dangerous place.  Bagram Airfield was hit with a  rocket this evening…less than a mile from where we were working.

It was lobbed from an unsophisticated launching site outside the wire of this sprawling military base.

Sources tell me it landed just off the runway here and caused minimal damage. There were no casualties.

It happened shortly before 8 p.m. local time, and it was unnerving hearing the alarm sound and the words booming over the loudspeaker, “INCOMING, INCOMING.”

We could hear the thud of the explosion.

It was 15 minutes before the all clear was sounded.

It is not uncommon for Taliban insurgents to fire rockets and mortars at this base. Their targeting is usually inaccurate and the projectiles fall at random.

On Thanksgiving, a rocket landed in a housing unit, killing two contractors who were sleeping.

Tonight’s rocket attack came just hours before Dave Kimmel and I were scheduled to leave for Germany, on the way home from an incredible week-long visit with soldiers from the New York area.