Community tips help police make arrests in deadly mall carjacking

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Hoboken, N.J. (PIX11) — Nearly one week after the shooting death of Dustin Friedland, four men are in custody.

The Essex County prosecutor Carolyn A. Murray credits “good old fashion police work” as well as tips from the community.

“The sheer senselessness of this act has outraged people from Millburn to Newark,” said Murray.

Newark is where police arrested Karif Ford and Kevin Roberts.

Hanif Thompson was caught in Irvington and Basim Henry crossed state lines in Pennsylvania. The FBI found Henry early Saturday morning in a motel.

The suspects are in their late 20s to early 30s.

Authorities say they had a thirst for an expensive SUV and were willing to take a life just to ride in style. For that they face serious charges including murder.

Dustin Friedland, a 30-year-old lawyer had just opened the passenger door for his wife and was about to get in the driver’s side of his Range Rover at The Mall at Short Hills.

The couple had just wrapped up holiday shopping when witnesses say Friedland was approached by two men.

Friedland was shot in the head, and the SUV stolen.

The couple lived in Hoboken and had plans to start a family.

Now Friedland’s wife is a widow and had to pick her husband’s suspected killers out of a line up.

In a statement after the arrest friedland’s wife said:

“we are very grateful to the Essex County police and all of the local authorities for pursuing this so vigorously.”