Procrastinators take advantage of major sales before Christmas

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Holiday shoppers filled the streets around Macy’s Friday evening as the countdown to the big day continues, pushing forward with bags  full of gifts.

Robin Gill of Queens was loaded down with holiday bags at the corner of 34th Street and Seventh Avenue when she told PIX 11, “I’m doing last minute shopping.  I’m actually starting my shopping.” Asked why so late she told us. “I like it like that.  Last minute is the best time.”

Some are hitting the stores because they have procrastinated until the very end and with just four full shopping days left they can wait no longer. “I’m not really a procrastinator but I guess I really did wait until the last minute this time.  I’m just trying to get my stuff and get out of here as quick as I can.” said Elijah Sanchez of Brooklyn. He’s like a lot of people looking to save a little cash. And that strategy can be effective. There are discount signs at nearly every store as retailers are trying to lure customers in with low prices.  There are deals for 40 percent off  here and 60 percent off there. Elijah Sanchez told PIX, “I just got really nice stuff for my dad, really nice brands too.  So I’ve seen a lot of nice deals. It’s pretty cool.”

The National Retail Federation predicts sales will grow about 3.9 percent over last year.  Clothing sales are going a little better but the gains appear to be closer to just 1 percent at the big box type retailers. And because of all the discounts net profits could suffer.

That’s prompting retailers to push the envelope with many like Macy’s and Toys r Us opening their doors from Friday straight through to Christmas Eve.  Caroline Fallon  of Bayshore, Long Island told PIX “It’s good.  If you work late you can still shop.”  While Macy’s worker Diann Mathews said, “It’s great!  It’s good for the shoppers, and we don’t mind!  You just have to get in the spirit.”