Billboard honoring Nelson Mandela mistakenly uses Morgan Freeman’s picture

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(PIX11) – A billboard in India honoring the late Nelson Mandela mistakenly put a picture of actor Morgan Freeman instead.

According to U.K. Metro, an Indian businessman was set on venerating Mandela for his extensive work as a humanitarian and world leader, and paid an advertising company for the billboard, but used Freeman’s image instead of Mandela’s.

The businessman is now the “laughingstock” of India, and has vowed to get the billboard changed immediately, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The confusion is likely due to Freeman playing the role of the former South African President during his 2009 film, “Invictus.”

The 95-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner died on Dec. 5.

Believe it or not, this blunder isn’t the first time someone confused Freeman for Mandela. On the day of his death, The Guardian reported that Mandela’s identity confusion was responsible for 8% of tweets about his death.