One of NYC’s hottest neighborhoods-of-tomorrow is already getting a subway station

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By June 2014, the 7 train should run to a new station at 34th Street and 11th Avenue on Manhattan’s westside.

It will bring people to an area that had limited public transportation options despite being home to the Javits Convention Center and some residential developments.

Some officials and Mayor Mike Bloomberg will tour the site and take a ride on the 7 train through the extension on Friday. The 7 line currently ends at 42nd Street-Times Square. The mayor has visited several sites recently to highlight some accomplishments from the past 12 years.

Mayor Bloomberg helped get the $2 billion project going in 2007. It is a city project being paid for with bonds. The MTA and contractors are working on the project.

From the start, the optimistic target completion date was December 2013. Some construction issues and problems with steep-inclining escalators pushed the project back.

A second station at 41st Street and 10th Avenue was dropped from the plans due to funding issues. It could be built in the future.

NYC’s hottest neighborhood of tomorrow is already getting a subway station


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