Holiday time is season for hooking up with exes — and coworkers, according to survey

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Watch the movies or television and it feels like holidays are all about family, friends and That Special Loved One. But in actuality, six out of ten singles feel just plain lonely during these weeks of festivities.  And that can lead to plenty of poor choices in the romance department.

It can be such a minefield of missteps that the dating website Plenty of Fish surveyed 9,000 singles to get to the bottom of what it is we are doing that’s so wrong.  Tierney, a charming and sharply funny life-long singleton pulls no punches when it comes to his choices in the boardroom, and the bedroom.  So we asked: is it ever a good idea to take the boss upon her offer to sleep with her?  He had no problem answering.  “God if I had a female boss that wanted to sleep with me? Yes I would!  But no, that would not be a good idea!” he quipped.

We got just as personal with Jitske, a 20 something woman who just broke off her latest relationship. We wanted to talk about rekindling an old flame — for just one night.  And if it’s ever right. Jitske didn’t hesitate.  “Yes, yes only if you’re not getting hurt, then it’s OK.”  I pressed — so if you have a heart of ice, then you can go for just one more night?  “That’s right,” she giggled.  “I guess my heart was cold so then I was able to get back together with my ex!”

Jitske is not alone.  26% of singles cop to hooking up with an ex during the holidays.  And that office holiday party can inspire a lot of the bad behavior.

Thirty percent of guys and 10% of women say it’s A-OK to cavort, completely cavort, with your boss — at the office party! Our relationship expert Rachel Dealto, though, was not hot, at all, on that idea. “Not only could you land in hot water with HR, it’s just plain bad business to hook-up with your boss. Man, woman, whatever. Don’t do it!” Dealto urged.

Twenty-five percent of guys also think that office party is the best place to confess your crush. Another 15% of workers say dropping that holiday gift right under the office mistletoe (and who even puts that up in the office?!) is a good idea.  Again, Dealto offered a reality check.  “It could be against company policy. And you should definitely confess outside of the office. So if your crush isn’t crushing back, she can gently let you down.”

Meanwhile, women are showing their sentimental side with this one.  41% of single gals say they’d love to go back in time and hook-up with a high school sweetheart. Again, not the best idea.  “We romanticize the past.  And it should really stay in the past. Focus on future relationships and people who re in the here and now,” says Dealto.

And for those who are already dating, they may not be feeling the most secure about it.  82% of single women say they plan on keeping a watchful eye on their sweethearts with social media, saying they plan on watching those Facebook posts to see exactly what Mr. Right is up to.

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