NYC homeless shelters packed as frigid temps send NYC into ‘Code Blue’

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With below-freezing temperatures New York City is in Code Blue, to help get more homeless get off the streets and into shelters — those shelters that still have room.

In a statement a spokesperson for the Department of Homeless Services said. “During Code Blue efforts are amplified to take care of New Yorkers who are the most vulnerable. “

But Mary Brosnahan, President of Coalition for the homeless said she is seeing more families come in due to the City tightening its criteria for people who need shelter.  “Last night we had two pregnant women who spent the night on a subway,” Brosnahan said.  “It’s illegal to turn people away or deny them housing.”

Last night the Bowery Mission took in 160 people and served 1,000 meals and is open 24 hours a day seven days a week to help.

If you see any one in need of shelter call 311.