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Mom charged with killing, dumping newborn baby in trash in Westchester

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SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. (PIX11) – Police have arrested a 23-year-old woman who they say killed and dumped her newborn baby in the trash at a recycling plant in Westchester.

Cops arrested Maria Guaman-Guaman Tuesday night after she confessed to smothering the baby boy, named “Baby Angel” by investigators. Law enforcement sources say the child was born alive, killed at the woman’s home, then dumped at Brookfield Recycling plant in Elmsford on Nov. 12.


Spring Valley Police Chief Paul Modica said that Guaman-Guaman is from Ecuador and in the United States illegally.

Guaman-Guaman also has a two-year-old daughter, who has been taken away by child protective services, officials said.

The woman has been charged with second-degree murder and is being held without bail.



  • lisa

    This is sad.if u couldnt care 4 this angel.u could of drop the baby off at a hospital.no questionz asked. i would of took this lil angel.charge this women 2 the fullest.convict her 2 the max.

  • Loisita

    While there is never an excuse for killing a child, we must have some sort of compassion for this women. She looks distraught and is likely an abuse victim herself. We don't know if the child was conceived via rape or prostitution. Many of these women are brought to the U.S. under the guise of employment and end up becoming victims. Force to pay for the enormous debt by selling their bodies and living in unimaginable conditions, how could she go to the police, hospital etc if she is scared, alone and here undocumented? We don't know the full story and for many people that have no idea of what it means to have nothing it's easy to judge. What we all need to do is help to stop human trafficking and if we see something we should all say something, it may just save a life…

    • M. Smith

      Notice also how nobody wants to know where the father is, not ONE word about him.

      This woman looks beaten up.

      I like men, but I hate their pushiness, and long for the days of the GENTLE man.

      • Mike

        Hold on….maybe the "father" doesn't know he's a "father"! You can't blame a hypothetical man for her killing a baby!

      • johnny

        he could have forced himself on her, or it was mutual, w.e the case it happened, theres a baby, she killed a baby.

  • jay

    She’s a monster. A muderous monster that took a life and she will paid for it. Why feel sorry for this demon? If she had a brain, she should had drop the baby off to a safe destination. I hope she rot Iin prison.

  • tmllll

    Nooo…she looks like she's not all there herself. That's what she looks like. Either she is developmentally disabled herself or has some mental health issue, but this lady is not a normally functioning, rational adult. She needs to have her tubes tied, yes, but it's

  • TeeBird

    This shouldn't be titled, "Mom kills baby" she's not a MOM. No mom would do that. A title of mom is a privilege and honor. She doesn't deserve that respect. More like monster!

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