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De Blasio reveals reasons for leaving beloved Brooklyn

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Bill de Blasio and family are preparing to say say “Bye bye, Brooklyn,” but the Mayor-elect says he won’t turn his back on the borough he calls home.  While most people say they support the family’s decision, some wish he’d stay in the neighborhood.

Bill de Blasio and family say it wasn’t an easy decision.  But after weeks of discussion the family has finally decided they’ll be moving to Gracie Mansion.

The family made the announcement on de Blasio’s Transition 2013 website Wednesday morning, saying in a statement:

“For a variety of reasons, like logistical and security concerns, we’ve decided to move to Gracie Mansion. It’s a practical choice but one that we make with respect and gratitude for the people of New York City.”

The de Blasio bunch says Brooklyn will always be there home and Park Slope will always be their neighborhood.

They even made a point to mention several of their favorite neighborhood spots like Bar Toto, Little Purity Diner, and the Prospect Park Y where they say they’ll still be regulars.

Some diners enjoying lunch at de Blasio’s favorite diner Wednesday say they support the decision for the Mayor-elect and his family.

“It’s his choice,” said Joe Catalano.  “He’s free to go.  If it makes him happy so be it.”

Others outside the YMCA say it really wasn’t a choice for the posh Brooklyn neighborhood to begin with.  They say Park Slope is too small to support the extra security for New York’s next mayor, especially when it comes to one of Brooklyn’s most valuable commodities: parking spots.

“He lives on 11th Street.  And he’s taking up, with the cops, they have to take up 4 spots.  That’s four less spots for us to have,” said Alan Malter

But others, like Michael Weinstein, were disappointed to hear the family will be leaving Brooklyn, especially given de Blasio’s “tale of two cities” platform that helped him get elected.

“I think it would be a good idea if he stayed in the neighborhood and lives with the people that he represents,” Weinstein said.

As for the promise that the family will return to Brooklyn often once de Blasio becomes mayor, Weinstein is skeptical.

“He’s going to be too busy managing the city out of City Hall.”

But either way the family says they are not giving up their home on 11th Street in Park Slope and plan to return when de Blasio is done serving the city as Mayor.  As for Dante de Blasio and his commute to Brooklyn Tech High School — a major reason the family was considering staying in the borough — a spokesperson would not comment on how he would be getting to school in the future.

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