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Bloomberg wants to mandate flu shots for all NYC schoolchildren under 5

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – In one of his last health initiatives before he leaves office, Mayor Bloomberg is trying to mandate flu shots for all New York City schoolchildren under the age of five-years-old.

The Board of Health is set to vote on the bill Wednesday that would require children as young as six-months-old to be immunized one a year before Dec. 31 if they attend a licensed day care or pre-school program.

Parents groups are protesting the proposed bill, saying there is already a long list of required vaccines for children. Also, many have concerns over a possible link between certain vaccinates and autism.

“Young children have a high risk of developing severe complications from influenza. One-third of children under five in New York City do not receive an annual influenza vaccine, even though the vaccine safely and effectively protects them against influenza,” the Health Department said.

As his time as Mayor, Bloomberg has crusaded against large sugary drinks, smoking in public places and Styrofoam.

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