Smoking pot can cause man boobs, one doc says

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Toking up may have men busting out.

Male breast development, better known as “man boobs,” is said to be a possible result of marijuana use.

Detroit plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn said on CNN that smoking pot can lower testosterone levels and may delay the onset of puberty in young men.

The link hasn’t been proven in humans, only animals.

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  • Joe Mama

    MAN BOOBS!? HAHA. Emphasis on "possible" meaning, likely but not probable. I highly doubt that. Show me a study backing up that theory and I will accept it. In addition to Marijuana reduces brain cells, I doubt that as well. I use to use it on a recreational basis and I would make the Dean's List in college every semester. Now that I don't, I haven't..

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