Car drives into Trader Joe’s on Long Island, injuring 15 people

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OCEANSIDE, N.Y. (PIX11) – Officials say 15 people were injured after a car crashed through a Long Island Trader Joe’s Friday afternoon.

Fire chief Kevin Klein said an older woman lost control of her car about 1 p.m. and slammed into the front of the store by the registers. One person was pinned to the wall by the car. He sustained critical injuries.


The driver told police she didn’t know how the accident happened. (PIX11)

The driver told police that she didn’t know how the accident happened.  Klein said the driver is “more shook up than injured.”

Witnesses say a Trader Joe’s employee pulled the woman out of the car.

The store had recently reopened after it was damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

“We just got the store back,” said Donnelly. “It was just rebuilt.”

Eleven people were taken to the hospital and three refused care. One person drove his own car to the hospital.

The majority of the injuries were caused by the storefront glass shattering on customers.


  • Common Sense

    And this is why seniors should not be able to drive; the test needs to be retaken after reaching senior status, on a yearly basis.

  • Charles Brixey

    This accident was most likely caused by a failed ABS Brake causing sudden Acceleration. Accident investigators are not trained to ID this problem. Innocent drivers are convicted daily for accidents they have no control over. NHTSA has no clue. Carnage on the roads goes on.

    • marj413

      What are you talking about? It was probably due to an old lady behind the wheel who fell asleep, was distracted or something else; it was driver error.

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