‘Tips for Jesus’ mystery man leaving massive tips at restaurants across the US

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(LOS ANGELES TIMES) – An anonymous tipper has been criss-crossing the country and leaving massive tips, some as big as $5,000, on bar and restaurant tabs and documenting the largess in an Instagram account: @tipsforjesus.

On receipt after receipt, the anonymous tipper has left gratuities that have ranged as little as $500 on a $24 bill at Jumbo’s Clown Room in Hollywood. The largest tip, at least according to the social media account, was for $10,000 at a bar.

Media reports provide few clues as to the man’s identity, but apparently he’s a college football fan. On some receipts, he writes the USC call “Fight on!” The date on that receipt at a South Bend, Ind., restaurant coincided with the USC-Notre Dame game. For the $84 tab, he left a $5,000 tip.

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