Victims of Metro-North crash included a Rockefeller Center lighting technician, nurse, paralegal

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SPUYTEN DUYVIL (PIX11) — The four people killed when a Metro-North train derailed Sunday included a nurse, a paralegal and a man going to set up the Rockefeller Center tree.

The seven-car passenger train derailed just after 7 a.m., killing four and injuring 63 people.

Among the victims were James Lovell, 58, of Cold Spring; James Ferrari, 59, of Montrose; Donna Smith, 54, of Newburgh; and Ahn Kisook, 35, of Queens.


Ahn Kisook came to the U.S. from Korea a year ago.

Donna Smith moved into her Newburgh home 14 years ago. Neighbors say she’d just completed renovations on her home. The New York Times reports that Smith and her sister Linda Smith were visiting the city to seea show.

Smith was on the train car that tumbled down an an embankment.

James Lovell of Cold Springs was on his way to the city to prepare the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree for this week’s lighting. Lovell was an audio and lighting technician.

One of Lovell’s four children Finn took to Twitter to grieve.

“Words cannot express how much my father means to me. It’s safe to say he molded me into the man I am,” he tweeted. “I am not the son of a ‘victim.’ I am the son of Jim Lovell. I hope to be even half the man he was. I am so blessed and proud of you dad.”

Ahn Kisook came to the U.S. from Korea a year ago, the New York Daily News reports. Kisook was a nurse at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn.


Jim Lovell was one of four people killed in the Metro-North derailment.

Also killed in the crash, 59-year-old James Ferrari of Montrose.

Autopsies for all four victims are scheduled for Monday. Four passengers remain in critical condition at area hospitals.