Mayor Bloomberg golfing in Bermuda during Metro-North derailment: report

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MTA Spokesman on the latest on the Metro-North derailment

Mayor Bloomberg was reportedly playing golf during the Metro-North crash

NEW YORK (PIX 11) — Mayor Bloomberg was reportedly spotted playing golf in Bermuda during the chaos of Sunday’s Metro-North derailment.

Following Sunday’s derailment in the Bronx that killed four people and injured 63, officials like Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly were quickly on the scene while Bloomberg was noticeably absent.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg was spotted playing golf at Bermuda’s Mid Ocean golf club. Even after hearing about the tragedy, Bloomberg allegedly kept playing.

A Bloomberg spokesman declined to comment on his whereabouts on Sunday.

Bloomberg first commented on the crash on his Twitter account saying, “Thoughts and prayers with those impacted by today’s train derailment. If you are looking for a loved one who was onboard, call 311.”

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio released a statement regarding the accident hours after it happened.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of those killed and injured in this morning’s tragedy. I spoke with Commissioner Kelly this morning and my office continues to monitor the situation. We stand ready to work with officials and authorities in any way we can to help those in need, and to learn the cause of this accident,” he said.

Bloomberg visited victims at area hospitals late Sunday night. When asked by reporters where he had been, Bloomberg replied, “What can I do? I’m not a professional firefighter or police officer. Nothing I can do. All I can do is make sure that the right people from New York City, our police commissioner, our fire commissioner and emergency management commissioner are there.”


  • Winson

    If he was in Bermuda, do you really expect him to abruptly cut his vacation short and fly to New York on short notice? Our leaders can't always be there for every tragedy that occurs. I didn't cancel my plans to take photos and videos of the subway after this crash and neither should he.

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