Deadly Metro-North derailment: What happened?

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – It was going 82 MPH, before entering a zone where the speed limit is just 30 MPH.

Experts told PIX11 News, the investigation into the fatal Metro-North crash won’t start there.

“The trip from Poughkeepsie to get to the point of where the accident is must have required him breaking on multiple occasions, that’s a guess, I don’t know for certain, and he probably didn’t have any problem with his brakes before that. If he did he’d be required to report that,” said Transportation Attorney David Cook.

Commuters told us at Grand Central Terminal that it could have been them on that train. Approximately 26,000 people travel on the Hudson line daily during the work week.

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The NTSB says the train was traveling 82 MPH before it rounded a curve with a 30 MPH speed limit.

The NTSB has released video of investigators working at the scene of the crash.

A spokesperson told PIX11, now, they will be looking at the trains, how they traveled on the tracks and track signals.

They are looking at the break wheels. They are downloading information from recorders. They are looking for possible mechanical failures.  They are looking for information about throttle speed, and also break application.

The big question: why did people have to die?

“That’s why we invented seat belts and airbags,” said Transportation Attorney Dan Rose. “Those are things that are designed to constrain the passenger in the seat. You have a better chance of surviving.”

The NTSB said there will likely be another briefing on Tuesday with possibly another update on the investigation.