Commercial use of drones could be technology of the near future

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Seconds after his unmanned drone takes off from Juniper Valley Park in Queens, we realize this sophisticated technology is better suited to complete a task, although it may look like a toy.

David Quinones runs a company called SkyCamUSA and is waiting for legislation to catch up with his entrepreneurial ambition.

“We’ve been totally waiting on the laws. The technology in other countries – I mean, we’re gonna get left behind if we don’t make this legal soon,” said Quinones. chief Jeff Bezos sparked the latest buzz over the future commercial use of drones here in the U.S. with the disclosure his company hopes to use GPS programmed drones, the generic name for an unmanned aircraft, actually deliver packages to customers.

That evolution of the technology is still years away, and not particularly realistic according to Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

“Physical products delivered by drone, I would say he’s probably on the optimistic or perhaps overoptimistic end of that. I think he’s allowed to have a vision there and you know, it would be great if we can come anywhere close to that for a lot of products,” said Gates.

The FAA just announced last month that it’s working on a strategic road map that would integrate drones, like the ten thousand dollar unit David showed us into commercial airspace.

Surprise, surprise: that road map is behind schedule.

Commercial drone use may be a few years away, but clearly, technology is here today. Quinones says he envisions a world where this kind of equipment can provide us with a perspective that we haven’t seen before.


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  • Jeffrey Windgage

    What if his ten pound metal helicopter and camera land on your windshield when your wife is driving with kids, or crashes into a real helicopter, or is used to carry weapons? This guy thrives on publicity, flaunts the law and is a public menace.

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