Woman, 76, sucker-punched minutes after rally to end ‘knockout game’

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EAST NEW YORK (PIX11) – The cowardly attack came the day after Thanksgiving when a man delivered a brutal punch to an unsuspecting elderly woman, sending her to the concrete in what may have been another incident of the ‘knockout game.’

Knockout thumb

Police are looking for this man, wanted in a brutal assault on a 76-year-old woman in East New York.

The vicious ‘game’ involves trying to sucker-punch strangers — knocking them out with one blow.  On Thursday, Brooklyn community leaders and citizens came together to decry the string of senseless assaults — several of them in the Crown Heights section of the borough.


Thirty minutes after the press conference was over however, a 76-year-old woman walking on Wortman Avenue around 11:35 a.m. was punched from behind, causing her to collapse on the sidewalk, police said.  Nothing was taken in the attack.

Police are looking for a man seen on surveillance footage fleeing the scene.

The victim was treated at Brookdale Hospital and released.

Anyone with information is urged to call the anonymous police tip line Crimestoppers at 800-577-TIPS.



  • darrin

    what a gutless spineless waste of skin bet this coward monster would run for his worthless life if another man his own size age and strength tried to fight him face to face cos he knows he get beaten to a bloody pulp…but karma has a way of getting her revenge this loser will eventually get his

    • silly2

      You are right about this little cowardly p~$$y. I would love to punch his face in myself. The skinny girl beat-down!

    • Warrior

      I right there with you! Stinking punk azzz needs a serious wakeup call. Too freaking weak to pick on someone who can actually defend themselves.

  • Sick of this

    Wow, what a man! I am sure when someone pulls a gun and shoots the idiot his momma will be all over TV whining about gun violence and how her son was 'a great boy' and blah, blah, blah. More people need to carry weapons and defend themselves against the BS that this world has become. Sad.

  • Mills

    What he did was uncalled for, especially to a woman, does he realize he came from a Woman? Would he like it if they sucker punched his Mother? KARMA IS A MOTHER, HE WILL GET HIS.

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