“Family Guy” kills off major character

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“Family Guy” killed off a major character in Sunday’s shocking episode.

NEW YORK (PIX11) – In a move that will shock even the most hardcore “Family Guy” fans, the Griffin family’s pet dog Brian was killed off the show in Sunday night’s episode.

Brian, who has been in every episode of the show since its debut in 1998, was killed when he was hit by a car. The accident couldn’t come at a worse time for Stewie’s loyal companion, as the evil baby genius’ time machine was dismantled and he could not get the repairs done to save Brian’s life.

The show’s executive producer Steve Callaghan told E! News said that Brian’s death was a way up “shake things up” in the series. “As soon as this idea came up, we started talking about what the next couple episodes could be and we got very excited about the way this change wil affect the family dynamics and the characters,” Callaghan said.

The Griffins weren’t pet-less for long, as they got a new dog right after Brian’s death. Vinny, voiced by “The Sopranos” star Tony Sirico, is the new tough-talking dog of the Spooner Street house. “Vinny is a really good match for Stewie. Where Brian was sort of a match for Stewie intellectually, Vinny is a good match for Stewie because he doesn’t let Stewie get away with any crap. He’ll call Stewie out on his B.S. freely,” Callaghan said of the new addition.

Asked if he’s worried about backlash from fans following Brian’s demise, Callaghan said, “I’m not, only because our fans are smart enough and have been loyal to our show for long enough, to know that they can trust us. We always make choices that always work to the greatest benefit of the series.”


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