Will Bloomberg be able to cross a polystyrene foam ban off his mayoral bucket list?

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – If Mayor Bloomberg has his way polystyrene foam in the city will be a thing of the past, like smoking in bars. The ubiquitous, white cups and containers will be gone.

A polystyrene foam ban is on the mayor’s bucket list of things he wants to do before he leaves office.  On his weekly radio show with John Gambling the mayor said, “All the environmentalists go crazy about Styrofoam because it doesn’t degrade.”  When told he could just let it slide and finish off his term with ease, he responded, “We’re not gonna do that.”

Councilman Lew Fidler a frequent Bloomberg critic says he’ll sponsor the bill. “The next step is to get rid of a contaminant like polystyrene foam which is just awful for people, a possible carcinogen and a terrible contaminant in our landfills.”

A polystyrene foam ban has the, support of Mayor- Elect Bill de Blasio.

In what some are calling an effort to create a ‘nanny state,’ the mayor has not only gone after smoking but also a ban on trans fats and large sugary drinks. The polystyrene foam ban is not the only thing Mayor Mike wants done before he leaves office in a little over 4 weeks.

Also on that to do list: He would like to expand the use of pedestrian plazas, and wrap up work on 54 miles of bike lanes.  He’d also like to see the stop-and-frisk issue decided in the city’s favor.  In a plaza on Broadway just south of Times Square we asked Michelle Sampson if the mayor should continue too push his initiatives ?  “I think he should, why not do the most you can while you are there.”

Maruf Mahbubuf of Brooklyn told PIX 11, ” For the next mayor he is setting the agenda which is a good thing, I think.”  But Meredith Worrilow saw it differently saying, “If he is pushing an agenda the new mayor doesn’t think is right I don’t think he should do that.”

Court rulings could also decide whether some things become a part of the mayor’s legacy.  Last month a judge ruled the mayor’s Taxi of Tomorrow initiative was illegal. The city is appealing and it isn’t clear how a judge will rule.  In the meantime, Council member  Lew Filder says maybe the mayor shouldn’t push so hard. “Why agonize people over trying to make it your way when you know it’s not  going to be stick past  December 31st.”

On Monday there will be a rally on the steps of City Hall supporting the ban.