Was Congresswoman Grace Meng a ‘knockout game’ victim?

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – The violence caught on various neighborhood surveillance videos here in New York City and across the country is both terrifying and senseless.

Innocent pedestrians, sucker-punched either from behind, or, in one case, head on – by young thugs who think these criminal assaults amount to some sort of twisted game called “knockout”.

In the latest case, a 24-year-old Brooklyn man thought he heard a group of young man talking about the “knockout” game as he walked by a deli on 18th avenue.

Moments later – four men, possible copycats — tried to turn him into a victim.

“When you highlight an incident, or a type of criminal activity, some people will simply try to copy,” said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

All four suspects are now under arrest.

In another case of random street violence with a Big Apple connection, Washington D.C. police are looking for the suspect who snuck up behind Queens Congresswoman Grace Meng.

She was walking to her Capitol Hill neighborhood apartment when she was punched her in the back of head and had her purse stolen.

“My knee is bloody. The part that hurts the most is probably my lower cheek and chin. After I hit the ground, there was a period of time when I don’t really know what happened,” said Congresswoman Meng.

Detectives are still investigating – and robbery appears to be the motive.

But back here in New York police are investigating whether the attacks have been fueled by religious bias as several of the “knockout” victims are Jewish who live in the predominantly Jewish communities of Borough Park and Midwood Brooklyn.

Both black and white Brooklyn community leaders are equally frustrated with the violence.

“And I think if we allow this kind of behavior to continue, then we’re just going to have chaos. Because the idea that you can just attack someone for no reason on the streets of new york city, are outrageous,” said City Councilman David Greenfield.

“This is one city. And no one should set upon anybody based on any complexion of their skin color, or their nationality – and we denounce that,” said National Action Network spokesman Tony Herbert.