OUCH! PR person slams door on Barneys CEO outside profiling forum [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – There are many who feel that Barneys has handled the “Shop and Frisk” scandal poorly.  As a result, the roll-out of the Jay-Z themed Christmas shopping season has suffered due to the notoriety of false arrests from clean purchases at Barneys.

Friday night their CEO Mark Lee is suffering physically after getting his leg slammed in a SUV door slammed shut by his own communications director.

It’s been that kind of autumn for Barneys.

On Friday, the primary focus for Macy’s and Barneys, along with other retailers, was a forum focused on “Shop and Frisk.”

Political leaders as well as Civil Rights activists showed up to the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church with a stern warning to retailers regarding the rash of “Shop and Frisk” cases.  “We want to see some real answers and some real plans. There is no way we just want to see people continue to disrespect and disregard people and at the same time make profits,” said Reverend Al Sharpton prior to entering.

Newly-elected comptroller Scott Stringer made it clear to PIX 11 News that this was all business, “This is not about a dog and pony show, this is about creating a real dialogue.”

While the retailers convened behind closed doors throughout the morning, the two biggest victims in this scandal actor Rob Brown and college student Trayon Christian were not asked to attend.  Neither were any one of their attorneys.

Also notably absent was Jay-Z.  Important to point out because it was November 15th, that the Brooklyn rapper issued a statement saying he was going to “take this into my own hands” as well as “use my voice to affect change.”

Jay-Z also said he was taking a  “leadership role” and demanding a “seat on a council specifically convened” in order to move forward accordingly with the rollout of his line.

All of this of course, Jay-Z said was “to deal with the issue of racial profiling.”

While the rapper went silent by not showing up, his newly unveiled ski masks are making some noise for their $695 price tag at Barneys.

As for Barneys and its CEO Mark Lee’s reaction to the forum prior to getting his leg crushed by his SUV?  It almost didn’t happen.  Lee almost gave reporters the slip after the forum by taking advantage of Rev. Sharpton’s appearnce before cameras.

Thinking they had avoided everyone, Lee and the aforementioned Communications Director went out a side door — where PIX 11 cameras were waiting.

When asked how the forum went? Lee said “constructive.”

Seconds later, he got slammed.

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