John F. Kennedy’s secret life in New York City

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – He may have reigned from Washington, D.C., but New York City was where JFK has his secret life.

Cocktail Lounge Captain Michael Shannon has been serving Kennedy’s for almost three decades at the 21 Club.  It may have been 50 years ago, but Shannon can’t help but cry for JFK and for Jackie.

“She asked me if I was married have children, it’s a sad day,” said Shannon.

His thick Boston accent told the tale of his roots, but NYC held a special place in JFK’s heart. When he won the primary, he rode with Jackie in a ticker tape parade in New York.

The iconic birthday ballad was sung by Marilyn Monroe at none other the old Madison Square Garden.

New York City was so special to Jack that he even spent the night before his presidential inauguration at 21.

“This is table number 20 at the 21 Club, this is our president’s table,” said Avery Fletcher.

As you walk into The Carlyle hotel on the Upper East Side, there are only two photographs in a hotel that has seen its fair share of famous faces.  PIX11 tried to see the tunnels where JFK reportedly snuck in Marilyn. We tried to see the presidential suite that is now a residence.  Fifty years later, JFK’s secrets are still closely guarded here.

The general manager didn’t know the President,  but knows to protect his privacy.

“I think JFK helped us tremendously as far as creating the myth of the Carlyle, he put it on the map,” said General Manager Giovanni Beretta.

There is just one employee that works here now that worked here then. He doesn’t speak about the time even to curious coworkers.

“When he’s asked about the president, he tends to say, well there isn’t too much that I can share,” said Beretta.