Girl tweets she’s ‘2 drunk 2 care’ hours before killing 2 girls in car wreck : authorities

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Kayla Mendoza tweeted she was “2 drunk 2 care” just hours before killing two people in a car wreck. (Photo: Twitter)

(PIX11) — A young woman tweeted she was “2 drunk 2 care” only hours before police say she drove head on into another car, killing the two young women inside, authorities said.

20-year-old Kayla Mendoza of Hallandale Beach, Fla. sent the foreboding tweet three hours before the fatal crash.

Mendoza was driving the wrong way down the Sawgrass Expressway at 1:45 a.m. when her Hyundai Sonata collided with a Toyota Camry.

Kaitlyn Nicole Ferrante was driving her best friend Marisa Coran Catronio home in that Toyota after celebrating Catrino’s 21st birthday in their hometown of Coral Springs.

Catronio was pronounced dead on the scene, only hours after the festivities in honor of her birthday.

Ferrante was rushed to the hospital and put on life support for several days, passing away the morning of her fourth day in the hospital.

Mendoza was sent to the same hospital and remains in “serious condition.”

No charges have been filed and toxicology reports have not been published. Mendoza’s Twitter account has repeatedly mentioned drugs and alcohol:

Marisa Catronio’s father, Gary Catronio,┬áhas spoken out about the incident, urging parents to “please hug your kids tonight because I can’t hug my daughter anymore.”

“My little girl is not here any more because of the negligence of a driver driving on the wrong side of the highway.”

The Catronio family wants to now act as “Marisa’s voice,” trying to prevent drivers traveling the wrong way and endangering lives.

Catronio has suggested tire spikes, or anything that might “prevent a car from entering the wrong way.”


    • Mediator

      Yea right. Do some homework before you make stupid comments next time! Colorado's rate for crimes is down a decent percent and alcohol use is also down, which by the way kills more people in 1 year than weed has in thousands.

  • Marsha Blemur

    against her That girl seriously needs to go to jail! Why haven’t charges been pressed against her?? She needs to be arrested! For DUI and murder of 3 women!

  • Marsha Blemur

    against her That girl seriously needs to go to jail! Why haven’t charges been pressed against her?? She needs to be arrested! For DUI, underage drinking, and murder of 3 women!

  • Will

    The dad shouldnt be blaming the death of his daughter on the negligence of a driver on the wrong side of the road. Instead, it should be targeted against the stupid decisions and actions of an irresponsible teenager.

    • Angela

      Will, how do you figure this one.. Yes he Should be Blaming the Death of his daughter on DRUNK DRIVING, because THAT is Why she was killed.. Because the Actions of a DRUNK DRIVER.. When you are Drunk, Anyone's Actions are Stupid and irresponsible, but, They Make the Choice to Drive, and you can Not Tell a Drunk Person much of Anything… This has to do more with Her Driving Drunk, and Getting on the Wrong Side of the Highway.. The Stupidity of What they did Comes only After They Sober up and Realize What a Dangerous and Wrong Choice they Made… I work in a bar, and this is the Thing that I hear the Most from people. I got so drunk last night, but I made it Home WITHOUT getting a DUI,, I NEVER Hear, Thank God I made it home WITHOUT KILLING SOMEONE, and This Comment Always makes me Angry.. No, I do Not Drink and Drive. Have I ever? Yes,, but Only once or Twice, and Found that I did Not want to End someone else's Life because I Wanted to Drink… I have found, You can Always call SOMEONE to come and get you, no matter the situation, that , or Sleep it off in the Backseat of your car… When I drink, I give my Keys to the Manager when I go out.. If you Don't want to Leave your car, call a Tow Truck, and You And your car will make it home safely… Better a $50 dollar tow, than Life in Prison for killing someone…

  • metallicboss

    WRONG IS WRONG. No reason to be drinking and driving. She put her own life and others at risk. My prayers go out to the victims' families.

    • Angela

      She did Not even Know the Girls that she Hit and Killed.. But you are right about One thing.. She Did NOT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING!!!

    • Angela

      Sorry, but I feel more Sorry for the Two Innocent Girls she Killed, than her just ruining her life,, at least SHE Still Has a Life!!!

    • james bond

      an eye for an eye? ok hammurabi. i'd have hoped our species would have grown beyond that kind of backwards thinking millenia ago. listen to what MLK Jr said and actually take something from it this time.

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