Clergy members offer group prayer for A-Rod at his MLB hearing

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MANHATTAN (PIX11) – On the Thursday before Thanksgiving, a time when prayers are usually offered for those unlucky in life, approximately forty members of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization came together to offer prayer.  However, it was not for those in need, but for someone whose last two contracts were north of a half-billion dollars, Alex Rodriguez.

Although he is not injured or sick, Rodriguez said during a radio interview on Wednesday that he’s been treated unfairly, adding that his 211-game suspension was dished out, “with not one bit of evidence, something that I didn’t do.”

Along Park Avenue there were no pews or stained glass to be found  in front of the building that has the offices of MLB, however, there was plenty of spirit as well a sing-a-long.

Yes, a sing-a-long.


State Senator Ruben Diaz, who coincidentally is an influential reverend out of the Bronx, along with taxi driver union head Fernando Mateo came together to send a message to the man that Rodriguez calls, “The man from Milwaukee.”  That man is Commissioner Bud Selig.

Mateo said they gathered and prayed so “that the man who is accusing the best player to ever live come forward and face him, face to face.”

Mateo also summed up the proceedings as, “a kangaroo court.”

As for Senator Diaz, a lifelong Yankees fan?  Today’s vigil was about one thing and one thing only, “This is not about a game, this is not about a millionaire, this is about something that I believe, it is an injustice.”