SEE IT: Bystanders record man nearly beating cop to death, attacking wife

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THE BRONX (PIX11) – There was no honor  — not even a morsel of fairness — in the brutal street fight outside a Queens bar early Sunday morning.

The entire encounter was caught on cell phone video by an unknown bystander, who, along with several other eyewitnesses, stood and watched as off-duty NYPD Sergeant Mohammed Deen got knocked out cold.  They continued to watch as Deen was viciously pummeled — while he was unconscious on the ground — by the larger man seen wearing the black shirt and blue jeans.

“He’s the type of person that will help you if you’re coming in with the groceries. Snowstorms he will be out here, cleaning the streets with us,” said neighbor Yesenia Flores.

Yesenia Flores is one of Sgt. Deen’s neighbors who tonight is in shock over the news that the NYPD veteran is fighting for his life with multiple facial fractures and other head injuries.

“It doesn’t make any sense. Why would someone do that? Ok, you have an altercation, you have a disagreement. Someone gets punched. Now the person goes down, and you continue to beat him while he is on the ground? It makes no sense whatsoever,” said the SBA’s Paul Capotosto.

Hayden Holder, 29, is allegedly responsible for the beating — he’s now under arrest, charged with attempted murder.


“His mother is absolutely distraught – petrified that her son is going to be in jail for a very, very long time,” said court appointed attorney Andrew Worgan.

“He was intoxicated. He just does not remember.” He believes that the complainant was there also, and possibly, and we don’t know this for a fact, that the complainant, the officer took umbrage at something that may have been said. Said in jest, and said while intoxicated. And then all hell broke loose,” said Worgan.

After repeatedly punching an unresponsive Sgt. Deen, Holder is then seen trying to bust through the window of his personal vehicle, where the Sgt.’s wife was cowering inside, according to police.

Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, says the Deen’s trouble didn’t end there, accusing the NYPD Internal affairs Bureau, and its Chief, Charles Campisi, of initiating an investigation for no reason.

“What I find disturbing is that although Sgt. Deen was clearly a victim of an assault, the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau took his wife to a private room and basically strong-armed her into allowing them to search his car. Here the NYPD has the victim of a crime – one of their members, and their highest priority appears to be that the internal affairs bureau is looking for wrongdoing on the part of Sgt. Deen. It’s a disgrace, and Chief Campisi should resign. It’s incompetence at its highest level.”

Meantime, Yesenia Flores is praying for her neighbor’s recovery.

“This is a person that gets up every morning to go to work and put his life at risk for the safety of the people. And to hear that somebody comes in and injures him the way they did, it’s so sad,” Flores.

The NYPD declined PIX11’s request for a response to Ed Mullin’s comments.

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