Lower Manhattan residents to sue NYPD for ‘fortress like’ security plan around WTC

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LOWER MANHATTAN, N.Y. (PIX11) – Twelve years after the towers fell, the World Trade Center site is nearing completion. And with the rebuild comes new plans to keep the site safe.

The NYPD plans to build a $40 million security barrier surrounding the 16-acre site, complete with guard booths, gates, fencing and checkpoints. But, a ground calling itself “The World Trade Center Neighborhood Alliance” says the high security may go too far, and they want a court to block the plan and order a new one.

Under the plan, pedestrians and cyclists would have access to the zone, but all vehicles would need to be screened before entering.

In an impact statement, the NYPD determined the entire World Trade Center site is a potential terrorist target, citing not only 9/11, but also the 1993 truck bombing.

But, the alliance members, including several who live in the proposed security zone, want police to reveal more on how the plan was developed.

The NYPD said they tried to take into account pedestrians, cyclists and drivers that would be using the area and note that there may be some inconvenience, but their main concern is keeping it safe.

The group and other neighborhood residents will be in court Thursday.


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