What’s the worst thing you’ve done while driving?

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Despite all the ad campaigns against distracted driving, a new study reveals the number of people on their phone while driving is actually up.

In the report done by State Farm Insurance, 24% of people surveyed admitted to checking their emails on their cellphones while driving.

24% of people said they surfed the internet while driving and 17% admitted to checking their social media accounts.

These numbers are a 2-3% increase from last year.

PIX11 decided to ask New Yorkers what their worst habit while driving was .

While most said texting and checking email if the worst thing they’ve done behind the wheel, one man’s answer was a little more explicit.

“Look at porn,” he told Dan Mannarino. “I was close to hitting someone when I was down on my phone.”

To put it all in perspective, if you are driving at 55 mph and take your eyes off the road for just 4.6 seconds, your car will travel the length of a football field.