Queens residents plan vigil for Philippines typhoon victims

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WOODSIDE, Queens (PIX11) – It’s been a harrowing week for people in Woodside, Queens. Many have family in the Philippines who they still can’t reach, and don’t know how to help.

In Little Manila, they’ve cried, they’ve tried calling their families, and now they’ll gather Wednesday night to pray.

There are reports of rioting and looting, corpses lying in the streets in the Philippines. And in Woodside, Queens, every day they say it feels like they’re dealt another blow.

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“What we’re all doing right now is we’re trying to rally amongst each other to help out whatever we can do,” said Paul Guerrero.  Charities are pledging aid, but for worried friends and family around the world from the site of the devastation, consolation is hard to come by.

Volunteers are trying to connect New Yorkers here with their loved ones who live in the disaster zones.

The death toll is now at 2,344 and the Philippines government says two million people are in need of food.