Judge orders Interfaith Medical Center remain open amid bankruptcy talks

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) – Celena Morgan has relied on Interfaith Medical Center for years.

“I gave birth to two kids in this hospital. Even though I live in Sheepshead bay, if there’s an emergency with my kids I will quicker take them here than Kings County. Because here you get faster treatment here than if you got to Kings County. You have to sit there too long,” said Morgan.

With a favorable ruling Wednesday in bankruptcy court, Interfaith won a reprieve of sorts in its ongoing struggle to continue providing that service to patients new and old – from both here in Central Brooklyn, and beyond.

Instead of barreling toward a closure, the judge in the case ordered all parties, including the hospital, its creditors, and one of its unions into mediation to come up with plan — whatever it may be.

Interfaith Board Chairman Albert Wiltshire told PIX11, “We are very much looking forward to engaging and working together at the same table, and at the same time on a plan to preserve the critical services Interfaith Medical Center provides to the traditionally underserved in Central Brooklyn…”

Veteran nurse Julannah Gregory says the economically struggling residents who live in the surrounding neighborhoods should not have to rely on a livery cab, MetroCard, or even a newly-opened urgent care center to seek treatment for a serious illness or traumatic injury.

“Gunshot wounds, stab wounds on a daily basis. Because let’s face it we’re in Bed-Stuy, right? And the crime rate is high. This is a no brainer,” said Gregory.

Fortunately, Celena Morgan’s medical needs are significantly less serious.  Her commitment to Interfaith, however, is.