Detroit reporter drops F-bomb during live newscast

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When will they learn?

A Detroit TV reporter dropped an  F-bomb live on Wednesday’s morning news as she struggled to put on her earpiece, becoming the latest reporter to have her career jolted by a live mic.


Lauren Podell, a general assignment reporter for WDIV, drops an F-bomb during Wednesday morning’s live newscast.

Lauren Podell, a reporter for Local 4 News, was covering a fire in Lapeer, Mich. when the news anchors tossed to her live shot. As she was fixing her earpiece off camera, she was heard expressing her frustration with preparations for the shot, clearly unaware that she was on the air. She then yelled out “I can’t get this f****** in there,” referring to her earpiece.

Detroit reporter slips F-Bomb

A Detroit reporter, not seen on camera, cursed as she tried to fix her earpiece on a live newscast.

One of the news anchors, Evrod Cassimy, immediately apologized for the epic fail.

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Podell was reporting on a fire that had occured at a historic movie theatre in Lapeer. While she was tweeting about her coverage of the fire earlier, her Twitter account has gone silent since her verbal flub.
Neither Local 4 News (WDIV-TV), which is NBC’s affiliate in Detroit, nor Podell have issued a statement over her outburst.

This isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last time a news personality has tossed around inappropriate language during a live segment.

Anchor Sue Simmons dropped an F-bomb during a live tease in 2008, yelling at co-anchor Chuck Scarborough, “The f*** are you doing!”

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