Can’t afford NYC rent? You can live in a school bus for just $8K

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BUSHWICK, Brooklyn (PIX11) – Tired of the luxury apartments popping up all over Brooklyn?

“The whole apartment’s $2,000 and it’s too much you know,” said Felix Vazquez, who lives in Bushwick.

Well, consider moving into a school bus.

The owner of the 1998 Bluebird “School Bus Home” posted the ad on Craigslist wasn’t available to meet with us immediately, but says he doesn’t actually live in the van.

He and his friends used it when they drove cross country and planned to turn it into a tour bus for a band.

But now he’s selling the four bedroom — which is actually four bed frames —  bus, with toilet, and functioning walkie-talkie system all for $8,000.

 “Bushwick and a bus around here, a mobile home, I think it’s too much. It’s too hard to believe that they’re actually doing that on Craigslist.”

 But the bus comes with a long list of amenities including a GPS, electrical heater, and two portable propane gas stoves among other things.

 Omar Romero says his apartment costs $1,400 a month. So for $8,000 and and all the amenities, Romero says he’d consider sleeping on a school bus.

 And Romero says the best part is if you don’t like Bushwick, the current listing for the ad, you can pick up an move any time you want.

“I would park it somewhere real nice, maybe by Williamsburg, by Williamsburg Bridge, get a nice view,” he said.

 But regardless of who buys the bus, and whether they decide to take it on tour or find a place to park it and make it their home, they won’t have to worry about rising property taxes or increasing rents.

They’ll only have to worry about the price at the pump.


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