Analyzing mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s first day after winning election

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – “A lot of them are bold, a lot of them are big changes, and they are an attempt to address a problem that is decades in the making,” said Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio.

One day one, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio said he’s convinced he’s going to have a good batting average, but is not promising perfection in office.

He’s promised to help the homeless,  he’s expected to replace Ray Kelly and he’s said he’d raise taxes on high income New Yorkers to help fund pre-k and after school programs.

Chris Smith is a political writer for New York Magazine who has spent time with de Blasio.

“A few of those things he can do on his own, but the bigger things require help in Albany, the cooperation of real estate developers and that’s going to take a long time and be harder to achieve,” said Smith.

De blasio started his first day with a meeting with Mayor Bloomberg.

“The Mayor’s body language showed that he’s not happy about leaving office,” said Smith.

Many New Yorkers told us their hopes are high for de Blasio.

“I hope he can make a positive change for the city,” said Danielle Jennings of the Bronx.

There is hope, but despite the election results, there are still some questions about De blasio’s proposals really becoming a reality.

“The question about De blasio is that he’s never run anything remotely as big as New York City,” said Smith.

“None of us is going to promise people perfection any day soon,” said De Blasio. “We’re saying we’re going to be very aggressive.”