Teen describes how cops got her to safety during mall shooting

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PARAMUS, N.J. (PIX11) — A 17-year-old mall employee and her co-workers were rescued by police during Monday’s mall shooting.

Kassandra Asturias was one of around 400 people locked into stores when the lockdown went into effect.

“When I first saw everything happen everybody was just running,” she said. “Nobody would stop to tell us what was happening until one lady told us there was a shooter.”

A few minutes later a security guard instructed Asturias to go inside a store, lock the door and turn the lights off.

“I didn’t hear the gunshots I just saw people running,” she said.

Asturias and her co-workers stayed in the back of the store for around three hours waiting to be rescued.

“Around 12:30 we saw the policemen in front of the store so we came out from the back and they let us come out,” said Asturias.