NYU student admits to drinking before falling, getting trapped between 2 buildings

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The NYU student who became trapped in a small space between two buildings for 36 hours, had been drinking.

Authorities say 19-year-old Asher Vongtau was drinking at a friend’s party on the 10th floor of  the dorm building.

He went outside, slipped and fell into a gap where he was trapped for the next day and a half.

Friends realized he was missing and alerted the authorities.

Vongtau’s mother told reporters her son thought about the movie “127 Hours,” where a hiker trapped by a boulder cuts off one of his arms to escape.

Rescue crews had to cut through a wall to get to the trapped student.

Vongtau remains in the hospital with a cracked pelvis, a perforated lung, a minor skull fracture and multiple fractures in his left arm.