Light voter turnout expected in NYC

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The races are big and the print on the ballot is small.

The 2013 General Election ran smoothly for most of the day. Sources at several polling places around the city say turnout was steady and on the lighter side.

Michael J. Ryan, the NYC Board of Elections Executive Director, says the 6-point type is necessary because the races have to fit on the front side of the ballot.

The NYC Campaign Finance Board issued a report on voter turnout in the city. It shows in the 2009 general election for mayor, fewer than one in five New Yorkers of voting age cast a ballot (18.4 percent). In the November 2010 federal midterm and New York state election, turnout in the city was significantly lower (28 percent) than in the rest of the state (53 percent) and nationally (46 percent).

There are more than 4 million registered voters in NYC.