A tale of 2 candidates: Who will New Yorkers choose?

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In the mayoral race, it’s the tale of two candidates. Voters in the city haven’t had such a distinctively different choice since Rudy Giuliani ran against David Dinkins in 1989 and lost.

Bill de Blasio has energized the democratic base with his pledge to be the voice for the forgotten, the city’s middle class,while republican Joe Lhota is running as the candidate who has the managerial skills to make New York safe, secure and business friendly.

It’s estimated that $50 million have been spent on the campaign.  A de Blasio victory will cost the city almost a million dollars over the next four years because he will take the $225,000 a year salary. Billionaire mayor Mike Bloomberg didn’t accept the salary, instead opting to take just $1 a year.

A victory for de Blasio would make him the first democrat to occupy City Hall since Mayor Dinkins left and the first real progressive mayor since John Lindsay.


  • Kokota

    The two candidates that wasn’t intvie to the recent Mayoral Forum also need to realize, its not just about running with great ideas, its important to win. If you know you don’t have the numbers to win, the smart move is to get a like minded candidate to carry your vision while you working over the next 4 years to expand you base to make you the leading candidate next time. They should put their support behind Carol, she is the winnable candidate that share more common points of action with them than any other candidate, especially the Organized Crime Machine candidates whose primary assignment is to contract out to make the suburbs rich while we starve/evicted/jobless. It would be different if there was not a strong candidate that didn’t share your views but that is not the case in this race. Carol win, we win, they win, we all win! You know they really have to be desperate ordering a former President to help gather support for a candidate that received close to a billion dollars in donation and still trailing. I hope the progressive candidates stand behind the people’s candidate to defeat Organized Crime/The Machine.

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