WATCH: When political ads attack and triumph

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — From incorporating children, to warning us about the many disastrous outcomes voting for the ‘other’ candidate will spark, voters were bombarded with a slew of political attack ads this election season.

When it comes to the race for New York City mayor, an ad that many credit for taking Bill de Blasio to front runner status, was one that featured his 15-year-old son Dante.

“I want to tell you a little but about Bill de Blasio,” the teen says at the beginning of the ad.

Critics both praised and panned the ad for it’s subtle effectiveness and exploitation claims respectively.

Critics should just be thankful de Blasio didn’t have to disrobe for his ad, like Minneapolis mayoral candidate Jeff Wagner – who had a very simple message for voters.

“Wake the f*** up!” a shirtless Wagner exclaims moments after he emerges from a lake aside a young woman who later hands him a cup of coffee.

The ad went viral on YouTube – for the obvious reasons – soon after its release.

When it comes to being effective, an attack ad that raised the bar aired nearly 50 years ago. It’s considered an important factor in Lyndon Johnson’s landslide win in the 19-64 Presidential election and it starred a little girl and a little explosion.

Whether you love or hate them, attack ads have served their purpose over the years. Many would consider them an art form. After all, all you need is a target and some creativity.