Subway shooter Bernie Goetz arrested on charges of selling pot

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bernie goetzUnion Square (PIX 11) — Bernie Goetz, the man known as the “subway vigilante,” has been arrested for selling pot to an undercover cop, according to police.

It was 29 years ago that he was in the headlines for gunning down four men on the subway.

Police say at about 5:30 yesterday afternoon Goetz happened to meet a female undercover officer on the street near his Union Square apartment.  They began having a conversation and at some point Goetz said he could get some marijuana for her, police said.

The undercover walked with Goetz to his building where he went upstairs to get the pot, police said.

He was arrested after allegedly selling the officer $30 worth of weed, which was wrapped in a tissue.

Goetz is 65-years-old.

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