Lhota blasts de Blasio on stop-and-frisk, says rival flip-flopped on issue

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Republic mayoral candidate Joe Lhota has been a staunch supporter of stop-and-frisk.

After 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals removed judged Shira Scheindlin from the case and blocked reforms made to the NYPD tactic, Lhota did not mince words on the PIX11 Morning News Friday.

“I’ve been saying right from the beginning Judge Scheindlin’s ruling was wrong and 95% of the stops were found to be constituional,” Lhota said. “Scheindlin did not base her ruling on the facts of the case but even worse, she talked about the case before the trial, during the trial and after the trial.”

“The reality is, stop-question-and-frisk is legal,” Lhota continued. “It was given to police officers all throughout the United States in 1969 and it was not being abused by the NYPD.”

Lhota contends that stop-question-and-frisk [as he frequently refers to the policy as] is not racial profiling, and any officer found to be stopping people for any other reason besides those that are outlined by the Supreme Court should lose their jobs.

Lhota says that his rival, democrat Bill de Blasio, is “extremely weak” on the issue and that his entire campaign fell apart after Thursday’s ruling. “He flip-flopped. First he didn’t want it, two nights ago during the debate he said ‘Yes, we need to continue it. We need to train the officers.’ That’s exactly what I’ve been saying,” Lhota said.

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