Ferragamo surprises teen arrested at Barneys, who has tough words for Jay-Z

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NEW YORK CITY – It’s been a week and a half since Trayon Christian’s false arrest over a $348 Ferragamo belt at Barneys. His case has helped bring other cases to light including actor Rob Brown’s false arrest at Macy’s.

The entire reaction and fallout has been a bit overwhelming to the 19-year-old as he conveyed to PIX 11 News in an exclusive interview on Friday, “It’s been like very outrageous now, because since my case has happened, it’s now happening to everybody.”

Christian spoke exclusively with   PIX 11 News prior to his meeting with the State Attorney General’s Office.  They had asked the 19-year-old to meet with them as part of their investigation into Barneys and Macy’s regarding “shop and frisk” cases.  As first reported on PIX 11 News Thursday, Brown has already spoken with the AG’s office. As for Christian’s reaction to the actor’s case, It’s just ridiculous, it’s just outrageous, just very out of control.”

Christian, who was accompanied by his parents, an aunt, and by his attorney Michael Palillo had one message  that he wanted to get across to AG investigators, “This shouldn’t be happening.  Nothing racial, profiling based on your color anything how you dress shouldn’t be something that, you shouldn’t have to go through something like this.”

Christian said that he has never been profiled before and admitted that he’s returned once to Barneys since his false arrest, “The only time I’ve been back is when I took the belt back, that is the only time I’ve been back, that was the last time.”

However, surprisingly Ferragamo stepped up earlier this week according Christian’s attorney Palillo, “They sent the same exact belt to his house with a letter saying thank you for using our product and we want to thank Ferragamo very much, they did the right thing.”

However, Christian says that Jay-Z has not done the right thing by sticking with Barneys, “I thought that he could relate to what had happened, what happened to me.”

He then confirmed that he was disappointed that the legendary rapper had not backed him in his case.

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