How one man got strangers to pay for his life-saving surgery

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(PIX11) — 29-year-old Anton Buslov is in the fight of his life.  “I have so many friends I can’t die,” he optimistically chirps when I meet him in midtown outside his oncologist’s office.

You see, Anton is in the throws of serious cancer treatment for lymphoma.

Weakened by chemo drugs that are prepping his 29 year old body for a bone marrow transplant, he can’t even stand during our interview—but the true test of his will to live is how he came to America.

Here’s how he explains it.  “My illness is very strong and after all treatment In Russia, they say they can’t do anything.  ‘You can go home and die.’”

Instead, he dared to hope.  Married his girlfriend Maria and hit the web.   This astrophysicist  researched—finding there IS indeed a cure, at the best Lymphoma center in America, here in NY.

But it would cost $150,000.  Impossible for someone who makes a mere $1,000 a month and has no insurance.  Unless you have friends.

He explains how he raised $150,000.  Just $5 at a time.  “It is 30,000 people,” he slowly says, as if I might not get the math part.

Like so many in desperate need of money for medical bills, he marketed his plight–turning to crowd funding on

People have given $68 million to favored friends and anonymous others since this one site rolled out, buying cures for those with no insurance, or desperate to cover the gaps that medical insurance leaves.

In Russia anybody can get insurance, Buslov explains.  But they can’t get this life saving treatment available in America.

Chemo alone though is not enough.  Anton is prepping for his sister to be his bone marrow donor now.  And needs another $350,000.

This time he’s far from reaching his money goal, having just about 20% of his funds—but hasn’t lost his hope.

“I think I will fight cancer and survive,” he says with this amazingly infectious grin.

To give to Anton’s cause, check out his page here