Long Beach Sandy victims one year later: Where are they now?

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LONG BEACH, Long Island (PIX11) – 30-year-old Keira Falcone didn’t think the first anniversary of super storm Sandy would be a happy day for her, but turns out, it was.

“There’s my master bedroom,” she gushed, as the second floor of a new, modular home was lifted at her old address: 98 Nebraska Street.

The house was delivered by Munsey Homes of Pennsylvania, with Eli Hazan of Hewlett Partners–the builder–overseeing the process.

“The foundation has been raised eight feet, to meet new ‘flood zone’ guidelines,” Hazan told PIX 11.

The “lift” happened on a gorgeous, sun-filled day with no wind–exactly one year after the storm surge of Sandy flooded Falcone’s home with four and a half feet of water.

Falcone and her husband, Robert, had already been displaced for months, after Hurricane Irene in August 2011 flooded their bungalow on Nebraska Street. Sandy was much worse.

“We had to take a $200,000 loan from the Small Business Administration to re-build,” Keira Falcone told PIX. “And we’re still paying a $300,000 mortgage, plus rent on a nearby apartment.”

Falcone’s mother, Joan Duffy, was displaced from her Long Beach home for seven months after Sandy. She told PIX her daughter’s “house lifting” was delayed two weeks, because a nor’easter expected on October 10th never materialized. But Joan Duffy sees the positive in the lifting happening on the first anniversary of Sandy.

“Everything has come full circle for her,” Duffy said. “I’m very proud of her for getting through what she’s gotten through.”

More than 54,000 homes  on Long Island were damaged or destroyed by Sandy.  Now, Keira Falcone’s home is finally rising again.